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Hi, I’m Greg and here at Concept2, we get a lot of questions about “How should I maintain my machine?” Well you’re lucky. Concept2 is a very robust machine. There’s not a lot to do. But I’m going to show you anyway on what you can do after each use, and things like that. First of all, when you get done your workout, you’re going to want to clean your monorail, and you’re going to do that by using any glass cleaner, or soapy water and a clean rag. You’re going to want to spray your rag. Just move the seat out of the way, you’re going to clean the stainless steel track to make sure there’s no black marks, which usually comes from rolling over sweat and dust, and can make the seat rollers a little bit bumpy. Go ahead and clean the front and the back. Make sure it’s nice and clean. If you still feel a little of that bumpiness on the seat rollers, just take your rag and hold it against the seat rollers, and just move the seat forward and back until it feels nice and smooth. Once that’s done, we’re going to move up the machine, and we’re going to do a visual inspection of the foot stretchers. Make sure they’re in good working order. Make sure the foot straps are not frayed, that they still work fine and the teeth are biting. You can take your cleaning rag and you can also wipe down these, to make sure that they’re clean. That’ll just make them a little bit nicer, a little longer. From there, we’ll go to the handle. The handle, just because of the nature of getting so much use, you want to make sure that they’re clean, again using a soapy water or any type of cleaning product, as long as it’s not bleach. Once that is done, inspect where your U-bolt of the handle meets the chain. There should be a brass-like ring around the swivel. What this allows, is the handle to spin freely without wearing your chain. If, for some reason, you don’t have that on your rowing machine, contact Concept2, and we can get a replacement for you. This is something that you’re going to want to make sure you have on your machine. So when inspecting the chain, and you make sure that you have your swivel on there, you want to look at chain maintenance itself, which is basically going to consist of oiling your chain. Now, you don’t want to take your oil and drip it on your chain. Rather, you should take your 3-in-1 oil or your lightweight oil, put it on a rag, and then you’re going to pull the chain all the way out, as far as you can, and you’re just going to grab the chain with the rag, and you’re going to let–let the chain go through the rag–just let it slip right through the rag, and that’ll put a nice coating of oil on your chain, which will ensure a nice long life for the chain. If you feel any stiff links, you can actually work on that section a little bit longer, to make sure it rolls over the cog nice and smooth. Now that your chain is all taken care of, we’re going to come up to the monitor arm. Some of the things to check on here is that your pickup wire is tucked in nicely, so there’s no way that it can get pinched when moving your monitor arm. Make sure nobody can get their hands caught on it, and just protect the pickup wire, which is a vulnerable point. Also, make sure you have a good connection into your monitor. Now that we’re at the monitor, two things to check is, firmware updates, which you can look on for information on firmware updates, and also battery life. If you’re already here, go into your Main Menu, go to your More Options, and check your battery life, to see if they need to be replaced. So now that we’re at the monitor, we’ve made sure the pickup wire is all secure and everything’s plugged in nicely, you can take your cleaning rag, and you can actually clean your monitor. Now, what you don’t want to do is spray the monitor directly. You want spray, again, your cleaning rag–make sure it’s not too wet– and just wipe off the plastic case around the monitor. What we want to make sure that we don’t have is a lot of dust or chalk or sweat around the buttons themselves. Try to make sure it’s nice and dry when you leave it. Again, the least amount of moisture you can put on the monitor, the better. Monitor’s done. The pickup wire’s been checked. We go to the front end and it’s going to be a general visual inspection to see if there’s any dust or dirt coming out of your perf, which could reduce your drag factor of your machine. So, make sure it’s nice and clean. If it’s not, and it does look dirty and clogged with dust, again, you can go to and there’s directions on how to clean this perf. Very simple. Just find the directions. It’ll be a nice easy job. The front end itself should be held secure by your four screws at the foot, and the four screws from the legs to the front end. What I like to do is put some weight on the foot, and just give the machine a little push back and forth. Make sure everything’s nice and tight. There shouldn’t be much wobble in your machine at all. If that is sturdy, your flywheel is clean, your chain is oiled, you’ve inspected your monitor, and the seat rollers are moving nice and smooth, that’s basically it. Your machine will last you quite a long time. If there is any questions on machine maintenance, specifially, that you didn’t see here, again, please contact us and we’re more than happy to tell you, or give you some suggestions on what to do.

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4 thoughts on “Concept2 Rower Maintenance

  1. Extremely well built, sturdy, and great quality for home use.>>> Both my son and I enjoy using it. He’s on a rowing team and I just use it for exercise. The seat is pretty hard so if you don’t have natural padding you may need a cushion seat. I bought one on amazon. You will also need oil to keep the chain moving well. Otherwise, there’s not much to keeping it maintained. This is NOT a rickety piece of home exercise equipment. It’s definitely worth the investment!!!

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