Common problems with sprayed concrete swimming pools

– Sprayed concrete pools
are traditionally one of the most popular types
of pool construction. The shell is formed using steel rods, shotcrete or gunite is then sprayed at high pressure under these steel rods to create a smooth and strong pool shell. It’s then rendered and
finally tiled for finish. Now, despite the fact that these are one of the most popular types
of pool construction still, they are one of the more challenging types of pools to build and challenging
types of pools to own. So in this video, I’m going to look at the problems associated
with sprayed concrete pools. (dramatic music) – Now the caveat is that
none of these problems are deal-breakers, they
can all be dealt with but they are worth being aware of before you decide to instal a
sprayed concrete pool. (gentle music) – The first problem, or the challenge, is the cost of sprayed concrete pools. They are usually
substantially more expensive to instal than a one
piece or a liner pool. Now, that might not be a problem for you, you might be willing to
spend that extra money. But it is worth considering
that due to the time that they take to instal
and due to materials that they are built with,
they are more expensive. Generally, pools in the UK are between about 60 to 150 thousand pounds to instal. I’d say that most of the concrete pools that we instal are between
125 and 150 thousand pounds. But this can be massively
dependent on the finish that you want with your
sprayed concrete pool and they can become much,
much more expensive. (bright piano music) The second problem or
challenge that you can face with a sprayed concrete
pool is that they take the longest to construct of all pools. So the construction of
a sprayed concrete pool goes something like this:
you need to build the shell from steel rods, you need
to spray the concrete, you need to allow the concrete to cure, you need to render the
pool, you need to allow that to cure, then you need to stand test it to make sure that it’s holding water. Then you need to tile it, then you need to let the tile adhesive
dry, then you need to grout it, then you
need to let that grout dry before finally filling the pool up. Even just that alone
can take 17 plus weeks, if you’re doing it
properly, so 17 plus weeks just on pool shell construction. In comparison to a couple of
weeks for a one piece pool and probably a couple of weeks
for a liner pool as well. At minimum you’re looking at a season to instal a sprayed concrete pool. However, that’s assuming
that all of the trades that are on site are working
together and on schedule, which is very unlikely
and rarely really happens. So the chances are, if you’re installing a sprayed concrete pool now, you’ll not be using it until next year. (bright piano music) The third problem or challenge that you can face with
a sprayed concrete pool is the increase in the maintenance. Sprayed Concrete Pools are
usually finished with tiles which are porous so this gives bacteria and algae an extra surface to grip onto. So you usually find that you have to do more bushing and vacuuming and use more sanitizer in
a sprayed concrete pool. Plus, calcium levels in
water in Scotland is low which is great for some things but if the calcium in the water is low then the water will naturally look for it and pull it from wherever it is available. And in a tiled pool,
this will be the grout. So if you don’t keep your
calcium levels spot on, you’ll find that the grout starts to erode and eventually the tiles
can fall off the pool. Increase in maintenance is not a problem as long as you are aware of it and willing to accommodate it. You can either have someone
in your home who is able to check the water and balance it and clean the pool as necessary, or you can employ a company to do it. But it’s just another consideration that you might have a bit more maintenance on a sprayed concrete pool
versus a liner or a one piece. (bright piano music) And the final problem or challenge with a sprayed concrete pool
is a difficulty to build them. Every pool construction,
you will meet some level of problems along the way,
however we’ve never found as many problems on liner
or one piece installations as we have on sprayed
concrete installations. And this is because there’s usually a lot of different trades and a lot of different subcontractors working
together on one pool and that can make the installation process very difficult and stressful for both ourselves and also you as the customer. And this is actually the main
reason that we’ve stopped installing sprayed concrete
pools as of this year. So it’s not something
that can’t be overcome but it’s just worth considering that, in terms of stress and difficulty, sprayed concrete pools are maybe going to be a wee bit more challenging
than other types of pools to instal for both yourselves
and the installation team. So hopefully that has helped
highlight some of the problems that you might face if you
instal a sprayed concrete pool. As I said, none of them
have to be deal-breakers, none of those challenges
are insurmountable. It’s just that you should be aware of them before you take the decision to instal a sprayed concrete pool. If you have any questions, as
always please get in touch. Please comment, like, subscribe
and we’ll see you soon.

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