Bye Bye Delos! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 202

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66 thoughts on “Bye Bye Delos! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 202

  1. It's hard to put Delos, or any sailboat, on the hard for any length of time. It's kinda like putting a horse in the stall. Horses are bred to run and sailboats to sail. I know the feeling. Mine gets hauled every other year and it takes a week for me to do everything that needs to be done to her. But, you guys did the right thing by cleaning and organizing really well and that'll make the transition back to her that much easier. Since I'm here in Alaska, during the winter months when the winter cover is on, I go thru everything on the interior and clean, fix, org, pitch, toss, and otherwise get her ready for the upcoming season. Since our season is so short here (April-September), it's important to have the boat ready in the spring, instead of trying to get her ready. Enjoy the time on terra firma and I look forward to your upcoming epic episodes!

  2. What a great episode guys! Was that intentional that you shot the little red cinquecento at Deans Hole. I hope you have watched the story of Jacques Mayol in the "Big Blue". You will understand the significance of the little red car 🚗. God bless pete

  3. Amazing as always………I hope we get to see your "land life" for the next few months !!!Happy New Year ……….

  4. Merry Christmas Delos crew! Hope you had a cool Yule and are planning a festive New Year! Congrats to Brian and Kassa!

  5. Episode 202, took me three years to watch from Episode 1. This is my first comment and im getting starstrucked just by typing so i dont know what to say. Keep on doin what you do.

  6. I hope the security is better then where I have my boat. Lost my job, wife was diagnosed with beast cancer and had to store it. All my electronics are gone and even the captain chair. I do love your videos. Please come up the east coast of the US and visit , I’ll show you around Portland Maine

  7. Jordan and Blue, so good meeting you guys tonight in line at the BBQ in Antigua, I’m the guy who was in the wrong line for a food ticket. You’re quite an inspiration! Subscribed!

  8. Wow!!! Great year guys!! I hope you have a great winter. Enjoy visiting family and friends. How exciting to come back to a new stove!!! Stay safe!!!! Cheers

  9. I've been watching your channel for a few months now and I can't believe how close I feel to all of you. I imagine all Delosians feel the same way. If I could wish myself to anywhere anytime I would be hand steering Delos across the Atlantic with you guys. Thank you for all the work you put in to bring your life to us, even the grimy bits like toilet explosions and engine repairs. For a land locked person like myself you provide a breath of fresh air, a taste of freedom few of us with ever know.
    To 2019, may it be the best season yet for Delos and her crew.

  10. I was just watching your Ft Lauderdale episode and just learned that Brady started at Seabase! I was a captain there back in 1993 for a season on my Gulfstar 50 that I sailed down from NY. Your videos have inspired me to get another sail boat after 25 years of power, and start my own Vlog. I hope you make it up to the Keys so I can buy you guys a beer!

  11. it's Friday,,,if ya dont have todays episode yet, let's step back a bit…..Just LOVE the inflections in Cap'n Breeyan voice when he is about to throw a Breaker, or turn a Valve….etc….."OK! Lets go! see if everything is alright" LOL! keep being you!! all of you folks! CHEERS!

  12. Why you should carry plugs on your boat so you don't sink like these people almost did,

  13. My daughter says I look like you. I said your my inspiration to turn my game up. Your level 20 on a 10. Still on 7. Got my turts.great glasses

  14. Looks like 2018 has been a good year for delos, just getting back and overcoming patreons after the original crew exploded.

  15. Your channel was my inspiration, I have always been interested in boats but this really started it. I have enrolled in a sailing course and will buy my first boat within a couple of years. Our plan is to cross the atlantic and just hang out / live onboard wherever the boat takes us. Great job, love the channel!

  16. Who are you insured with, most companies want you a lot further up or down? Mines up for renewal in April so would like to get a quote? BTW Great Vid!

  17. Thanks Delos crew for the great content over the past few years! Just picked up my own Delos hat that has been dubbed as my lucky hat with the free smiles had when ever worn. Looking forward to the next season, enjoy your time with family.

  18. Well, it is too late to say any thing now but there is a new battery out that gives more power than lithium and is far safer and will continue working even when damaged. Sorry, do not know the name.

  19. Wally, I found it ! The product name is ProLogium. It is a "solid state battery"….Rats! I forgot to look at which video it was on. Get back to you later.

  20. Hi Delos Crew, question.
    Anything you’d do different for haul out preparation next time?
    And how’d the oil in head work out?

  21. I love induction cooktops. There's a learning curve cooking with induction . It gets hotter faster way faster . At times it seems like it's not getting warm or things aren't cooking but in reality it's burning. You have to have good pans. Not necessarily top-quality just made of the right material. Works awesomely with cast iron which I love. I need to find a way to send you a 12 pack. We have this local brew in Fort Worth called Martin house. They make a beer called salty lady.

  22. The only channel I can sit down for 5 hours straight and be entertained every second! Thank you for the amazing videos. KEEP IT UP

  23. You folks are truly an inspiration especially how you respect the planet we live on.
    I am so hooked on your show they ARE SO addicting 😀

  24. @ Oh the voyage is done and the winds don't blow
    And it's time for us to leave her.
    Leave her Johnny, leave her, @

  25. hey Delos, 'tango 'from lithuania..,. hey bro – what kind is drone is yours – with trumendous quality of picture! regards 'tango'

  26. Yes can’t wait for you to go ARCTIC. Yummy tofu you had in the pan. Microwaves use crazy energy and is toxic for human health anyway. Not worth keeping it plugged in. I keep mine unplugged and use it for ipad storage. No one looks in the microwave. Haha. Plus found out I save $20-38 monthly on electricity. , even tho I barely used it.

  27. Do you have to do something to be what you are referring to as a patron? Do you have to be someone who sails? I didnt understand what you meant by the patron winners. I know you hold contests but I've not heard the word patron used in your videos before. Was it a contest called patron? Can someone explain please?

  28. You should put panels all the way around the rail man and not use a generator easy to do with those actuator motors to lift them up at the sun or just mount them flat on the side of the rail cheaper than diesel I'll bet

  29. You guys are awesome, you all work so hard for the life you live and that in itself is beautiful. I can't help but mentionthat I feel like from what I've seen you guys are experts at giving and receiving, that is such a wonderful thing in life. I wish you all many great and wonderful travels safe travels and blissful life events always ♥️

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