Breaststroke – Kick on Your Back

Breaststroke – Kick on Your Back Cleaning up the old standby drill of breaststroke kick on your back, can add more direction and line to your swimming. Why do it: Besides the obvious benefits of learning to recover the legs BEHIND the body, rather than tucking the knees up, by focusing on the finished bodyline and direction of the press, your kick can become more effective. How to do it: 1 – If, when focusing on “touching the heels”, the body goes out of line, put a pull buoy on the swimmer to show him the correct line, or encourage him to NOT “touch the heels”. 2 – Encourage the swimmer to hold a short glide at the completion of each kick. 3 – This is a simple drill, but shouldn’t be rushed. Focus on turning the feet out at the top of the kick, and finishing to a balanced body with pointed toes. 4 – Move the hands to a streamline position and repeat. How to do it really well (the fine points): From above the water, watch for any “bob”, or bouncing of the head when the kick pushes back. When the head is flat during the recovery, and press of the kick, the swimmer is using a more productive kick in the recovery and press. Get a new video everyday.
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