Best Waterproof Headphones? – Waterproof test – Waveport E’NOD

WavePort – A new kickstarter reached out
to me with their ‘waterproof’ headphones and asked If I wanted to test them out. Naturally I said yes. Testing Electronics is my specialty. These headphones are Bluetooth, BUT also have
8 gigabytes of internal memory so they can function as a normal MP3 player without needing
a phone to control them. The packaging is pretty solid. Little magnets hold the flap in place. And foam holds in the headphones and all of
the ear buds. These earbuds are important, and Ill come
back to them later. A soft rubber coated wire wraps around your
head and over your ears to keep the headphones in place. The headphones have a sealed body, and supposedly
a coated PCB board… but we’ll check on that later. Inside the mesh bag comes the Micro USB charging
cable that plugs into the dock, and an extra batch of headphone buds. Now, these are extremely important if you
plan on using these headphones underwater. As we know, speakers use AIR to produce sound. Without air, there is no way for the speaker
vibrations to reach your ear. So this extra set of earbuds, traps a little
pocket of air between your ear and the headphone speaker. Allowing you to hear underwater. Now this does quiet the sound ever so slightly. I had to turn my headphones all the way up,
but it does still work. If you try and wear the regular earbuds, with
the hole, underwater, your headphone will still waterproof… it just has not air to
transfer the sound, and you wont be able to hear anything at all. The air pocket earbuds are important. The micro USB charging cable plugs into the
charging dock, and then the little pins on the dock match up with the contact points
on the left headphone to charge. This is part of the waterproof features. There is an LED indicator on the dock that
indicates when the headphones are fully charged and that takes about two hours or so. I have tried out quite a few wireless headphones
in the past, When comparing the waveports to some of the big boys. Like the Power Beats, The Beats have a similar
behind the ear design, and weigh about the same, but the behind the head wire design
of the waveports make it slightly more comfortable and get the earbuds a bit deeper into your
ear. And since your ear is sealed off, the base
of the waveports comes through a lot more than the base on the beats. The Underarmor JBL headphones are another
favorite of mine. They also seal off your ear, BUT since the
JBL’s do not have any ‘over the ear’ hooks, they don’t stay in quite as well during running. Battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity distance
are pretty much the same across all of the headphones. I’ve been wearing the headphones around for
the last few days, getting a feel for the sound. When not in use they’ll sit secure around
my neck. And they don’t fall out when I’m benching
or lifting weights like the JBL under armors do. And the behind the neck wire gently keeps
things snug. Unlike the long lose ribbon on the Beats that
catches and tugs at my ears every time I turn my head. And most importantly… they do NOT bounce
out when I am running. I spend more time out of water than in it. So the ‘daily usability’ factor of the headphones
is more important than the ‘waterproof’ feature for me. But since the whole point of waterproof headphones…
is the waterproof part… lets test test them out in some water. Now, Waveport claims that the headphones are
IPX7 which means they can be underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. I’m not the best at following rules. So I took off my arm floaties and swam on
over to the deep end of the pool. Blue tooth does not work underwater. So Spotify or Pandora is out of the question. BUT since the headphones have 8 gigs of internal
memory… my phone does not need to be nearby. At this point I do have the ‘water ear buds’
attached. The ones with the little air pocket inside. So the sound is a little quieter than normal,
but still definitely audible. The headphones stayed on well enough for the
general floating and swimming around, but fell off if I ever pushed away from a wall. I imagine wearing one of the rubber hair caps
would help keep them in place… but im fresh out of hair caps at the moment. These headphones would be great in the shower,
or for a water aerobics class. But if they fall off… they will sink to
the bottom of the pool. Now… one of my qualms with the ‘water resistant’
Galaxy S7 is that the motherboard was not coated with a hydrophobic spray… And therefor missing an important layer of
protection. Waveport didn’t exactly give me permission
to take these apart…. BUT here we go. Remember I am only doing this as a demonstration
and to verify advertising like I always do. If you open these headphones AT ALL you will
lose any waterproof capabilities, and warranty, and all that good stuff. Once the speaker cap is off. We see the shiny circuit board, and speaker
wires, and the internal memory card. If I drop any water on the components, it
will immediately run off the board. Leaving it completely dry. Unlike on the Galaxy S7 where the water would
cling to the uncoated circuit board, and not run off. So this board is indeed coated with the hydrophobic
spray, and with that, you are definitely safe to use them in the rain, the pool, the shower,
or anywhere else that they might get wet. Pretty impressive. Now – Are these going to be my favorite headphones
of all ever? Time will tell. I usually decide which headphones to wear
as i’m walking out the door to the gym. I do know that these headphones will hold
their own against headphones that are 4 times the price. So thank you Waveport for sending these out
to me, and I will leave all the related kickstarter and product info down in the video description
if you are interested in checking them out. Or curios and want more information. Thanks for watching! Hope to see you around.

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