Behind The Scenes – Water Sports in Parga

Good afternoon to you people Behind the scenes number 2! Let’s go! As you saw in the main video, we worked on Water Sports We went to Parga, where we met Alex with Watermania The whole team was gathered And we begin the WATER SPORTS The rope will be stretched and we go up! Here guys we stick a 3M sticker for the GoPro For a panoramic shot the two dudes who will be on the flyingfish This are the best stickers. Will be here forever! Amazing experience, you should try it You must visit Parga and Alex’s water sports Was an unforgettable experience Was worth it Once again we had some problems The biggest of them was with the drone which lost the signal on the first 100 metres we lost the transmission of the image we couldn’t see what we are filming in a great amount of shots we were shooting in dark the phantom was spinning like crazy we were trying to get in back and luckily we managed it. After the check on the drone, we understand that the problem were the yachts that you can see, we had interferences on the signal and for that we have lost the image in the first 100 metres. All the water sports was great and entertaining But that one we loved the most, with the best fails, fun and adrenaline was the solox. So we worked a little bit longer on that one! Αfter one hour of continuous solox, we were like this. And the first day of shooting in Parga was ended On the second day we had to film some sports that we ‘ve missed the first day one of them was, maybe, the most impressive of the watersports that we done The parasailing For the parasailing we had to use another boat. So we all boarded on Alex’s boat to go there All the team boarded on that boat Me and John left behind so we could film the parasailing with the drone One of the best shots on the video We filmed it without image transmission For the closing of the shooting, Alex take us a ride in Parga Was an unforgettable experience! A huge thanks to Gorilla Entertainment George, Alex and John who invited me here, today As you can here, Watermania helped us a lot, amazing watersports, all of them are one by one choosen! A huge to Alex, also, who helped us and offered us for free watersports Stay tuned for the next video! That’s all for today, we hope you liked it! You can find the WATERMANIA in the left side of Baltos beach in Parga You can have a great day with your friends there! Do not forget to like this video, a share a subscribe on our channel New video is coming real fast! Enjoy your life and THINK DIFFERENT!

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