Aquatics Tip of the Week (9/24)

Hey everyone, AJ and Lauren here from Aquatics. Each week we will be posting a swim workout or tip of the week on our website and Facebook page. This week’s workout is designed to help you on your backstroke. First, warm-up by swimming 300 yards of any stroke, followed by 200 yards of kicking on your back without a kickboard. Next, swim 8 sets of 50 yards of the “6 kicks and roll drill”. In this drill, you will kick on your side with your submerged arm extended and your other arm at your side. After 6 kicks use the submerged arm to pull you over to your other side and repeat. This drill over emphasizes body roll while establishing a strong kick. Then, swim 4 sets of 100 yards of double pull backstroke. This means, that while swimming backstroke execute two complete arm recoveries with the same arm before proceeding to the next pull. Next, swim 4 sets of 200 yards, alternating 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke. Take 15 seconds rest between each set. Finally, cool down by swimming 200 yards of your choice of stroke. Let us know your thoughts on this week’s workout by commenting on our Facebook page.

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