Applying the Break | Unbelievable 100mph Pool Table Car

VINI: When you go in this car you can play pool anywhere, in the street, in the parking
lot, anywhere you park you can play pool. 00:10
MAN: Oh my God that is so cool, dude. 00:13
COMM: California is full of weird and wacky vehicles but none are quite as quirky as this
pool table car. 00:19
JOE: And some girl yelled out “hey, can I play with your balls?” and I thought okay
that’s kind of cute. So people are really digging the car. 00:27
GIRL: It’s like a party-mobile…you can take it to the party and you can be the party. 00:34
COMM: Back in 2011, the President of Triangle Billiards set pro car builder “Big Daddy”
Vini Bergeman a challenge. 00:43
VINI: So I told him I wanted some prop for the store and he said he wanted to make a
pool table that he could roll in and out. So I told him Joe, for the right money, we
can make this thing go 100 miles an hour. 00:54
COMM: But it soon became clear it was more than a simple cut and paste job. 00:59
VINI: What we did we took a 2000 Monte Carlo, cut the roof off of it and made a portable
roof, we cut the car in half and we made the pool table slide into the chassis and put
some casting wheels so it can lower it down, the wheels come down electronically, the front
of the car pulls forward, it unsleeves as a chassis and the pool table goes backwards. 01:28
COMM: The car’s set up so that when it reaches its destination, it can be used for playing
pool. But first it’s got to get there. 01:35
JOE: The car handles very well. I’m a little surprised, we don’t make really sharp turns
in it. We’ve got to pull forward, backward, kind of get out of some spots. But yeah, as
far as drivability, it drives very well. It’s very comfortable. 01:48
JOE: Well the top speed of this car which we had to prove to Vini we could actually
build a 100 mile per hour car was 100 miles an hour. We did it on the 22 freeway so that
was our proof that we had hit all the goals of making this car. 02:00
COMM: And once it’s parked up, and inbuilt hydraulic lift lifts the pools table from
the car, at the press of a button. 02:07
VINI: And by Joe, people love all the goodies on it…new rail, custom felt from triangle,
he’s done everything that a professional pool player wants. 02:16
JOE: Everywhere we go, we just pull up, pull out a cue, Take out the balls and get the
triangle out. Boom, were playing pool right now. Anywhere, any time we want, day or night. 02:27
COMM: And in case the pressure of the game gets too much, the car’s kitted out with
a TV, electric dart board, fridge and a high end sound system. The pool car’s is showcased
at events and rented out. It was even the star attraction at a very special pool party. 02:44
JOE: The funniest situation we’ve ever gotten into with this car is we got invited to the
pre party for the Playboy mansion we went there we had Playboy models playing pool,
and then we got invited to the main party the next night. 02:56
VINI: Some of the reaction we get out when we go out driving around Newport beach is
holy S, what the eff. Does it drive? Does it come apart? Is it a real pool table? What
do you call it? Girls go crazy, flash us. 03:11
MAN: That is so cool, oh my God that is so cool dude. 03:15
MAN: I think this is the craziest car I’ve seen – it’s everything you need in one
car, right? 03:21
GIRL: Now I really get to break some balls.

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59 thoughts on “Applying the Break | Unbelievable 100mph Pool Table Car

  1. hahahaha I love how the chick at the end is trying to be all that and she scratches on the the break :')

  2. What is with EVERY girl scratching on the break? I don't remember the last time I've even seen somebody scratch on break.

  3. 3:20 "now I really get to break some balls"…Β and then completely fucks it up. Looks like she thinks she's cool, but she just looks stupid. She even managed to scratch on the brake. Wow!

  4. Thank you Barcroft Media for doing this video. Vini Bergeman, Jillian Sheen and Joe Fiscella had a great time. Your viewers can see the complete Triangle Billiards line of products at

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