Anchoring at the Island of Dragons! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 94

Just woke up this morning, and Elayna brought me a coffee in bed, I’m lying down here with the most Incredible view From the bedroom ever. Very nice little anchorage. By the way this episode is brought to you by 23andMe, which we’ll discuss a bit later. I think we’ll sail down to Dragonera After spending one magical day in Sa Calobra, exploring this valley in between the mountains, we were off for a new adventure in Majorca. We were heading to an island 32 nautical Miles southwest We’re cooking a lovely breakfast this morning when we ran out of gas, so… we have to go back to Soller to get some gas and then I think we’re going to Lizard Island or something like that. I’m going to come and show you the wind speed It’s amazing, we have dragged the wind all the way from 138 around to 90 We were doing 8, in a…. There you go, 8 in 11.4. 8.5 in 11.4 Yeah! How’s your day been? Excellent I’m just trying to Drive us down through this channel here, and I know the wind is going to funnel through there. I’ve got the big purple Code D up and We’ve got 14 knots of true and 8 knots of apparent, if it picks up to 15 knots of apparent, we have to take this down, so I’m like a bit on edge I’m not, we’ll be fine like because we’ll speed up a lot but That’s the.. the game we’re playing at the moment. This is the first time I’ve been outside for about three hours I know, you’ve been busy on the computer haven’t you. It happens. I’m not going to say someone’s gotta work because you have been… a very good captain today. I do all the hard stuff, Elayna. You just play on the computer. I’m just playing games. Feel the wind picking up now. This is pretty awesome Let me show you the view Would ya look at that rock. Oh there’s a church up there. I think or a lighthouse? Unsure. As we saw down the coastline here The wind is behind us and as we reach a point probably about here The wind will start to pick up because it just funnels through this Gap here, so the wind and the waves and everything will pick up, but we’re going to anchor over here So we’ll just whip around and drop it in over here. Dragonera the Island of Lizards. Yeah, go in like closer to that Elayna. It looks a bit deeper, it’s already dropped to 8 again. This is awesome Okay, I reckon we’ll go to this one in the corner right here. We’ll just have to climb up Are you guys cool with that? Oh no, this one here. Let’s go that one So I’ve decided to stay behind while other guys go and climb up the hill on Dragonera. I’m staying behind which is we’ve dropped anchor in quite a narrow anchorage and if the wind was to change direction We could potentially, you know, wind up on the rocks unlikely, but I thought I’d stay behind anyway And I’m just going to go and dive on the anchor As you can see we were unable to let out too much scope because of how narrow the anchorage was, which was another reason why I stayed behind Parc Natural de sa Dragonera Let’s do it. This island is an uninhabited National Park, and we were the only people on this island at the time Us and these little guys, lizards by the hundreds that have taken over the place This island got its name firstly because of the shape of the island from one particular viewpoint and also, very clearly the ridiculous amount of lizards living here Where’d it go? I got him in between my hands but I left the hole and found it Will the lizard whisperer Nice Oh! Did it bite? It bit me a little bit Really? It just startled me, it didn’t hurt. Oh my gosh it’s coming Don’t bite me. Ah don’t bite me! I wish you didn’t say they bite! I’m scared now. There we go. Oh my God, there’s a lizard fight! They just fought over my hand. Crikey! Ahhhh it’s cold! [How fast we going?] 5.7 knots We needed to find a decent anchorage for the night and we decided on Andratx. It was only about five nautical miles away So there’s no place to anchor around here. There’s about a million mooring balls so we’re about to pick one up. Riley’s just sorting out the ropes now Once again another first, first time La Vaga’s mooring. Now this is when it all went pear-shaped very quickly. We had made three mistakes in a row Number one, with a dagger board down and forgotten about, the depth jumped 2.5 meters and our dagger board would hit at 2.4 Sheezus Riles raced to pull it up just in time Mistake number two, not buying a boat hook before we left La Grande Motte, all we had was a fish gaff [Another like 2, 3 feet] [Right there] [Yep] [back up] [Back up a little more] Okay, now I got him That’s heavy! [Can someone get the end of that rope ready for him?] That rope’s gotta go under there And number three rigging up the entire rope system wrong before tying it off to the mooring afterwards Riley double lined it correctly just in case So it was pretty nerve-wracking having nearly run aground on the dagger board on our first attempt at mooring So it’s my responsibility to remember to pull the dagger boards up, and yeah I forgot about one so we didn’t have him on the old boat so yeah it’s an easy mistake to make Yea it’s a new thing The dagger boards are for going to Windward so because we’re a catamaran we drop them down You use them in different situations but basically just to point better And then I completely ballsed up the mooring at the front I had it all rigged up completely wrong, and then tied the wrong knot from the wrong rope and yeah It was a mess A bit of a disaster. But we’re learning Give us a break would ya? So we teamed up with 23andMe for this episode I was really interested in 23andMe because of my family history. I was actually Riley who insisted that I should do it because of my family history which I won’t go into right now It’s a bit of a long story, but basically my Mum’s from Austria, Dad’s from Romania And that is really as much as I know so we’re in Europe right now, and yeah we’re going to find out where I came from so I’m just about to spit in a tube and Send it off in the mail and get the results back. Actually really just want to trace down a relative, like how cool would it be to go knock on someone’s door and say hey We’re related. I’m hoping it’s not you Riley. Seriously, your Dad’s from Italy, for all I know Then we’re screwed. [We’ve got the same hands] We do, and feet, it’s weird So the name 23andMe comes from the fact the human DNA is made up of 23 pairs of chromosomes If you guys would like to do the same thing you guys can head to and at the moment 23andMe giving away 23 trips to 23 lucky winners of the value up to $20,000 and where you go abroad will be based upon your ancestry composition results So that’s pretty cool, but yeah go and check it out guys, and thank you We took the crew to shore for a little look around for sunset Smells very fishy around here Girls are doing a scrub down [Looks like a spaceship] Does, hey

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100 thoughts on “Anchoring at the Island of Dragons! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 94

  1. Love! You guys give my 8 year old and myself so much motivation! We've just sold up everything and are preparing for our second round of caravaning around OZ. Thanks for all you guys do, for us it extends well beyond the entertainment value! I had to laugh, I am cooking sushi rice and as I started watching, we ran out of gas too… Whoooooops!

  2. Riley, now that you've mentioned dragging the wind direction and speed, I hope you realise that you're going to have to explain apparent wind and true wind and how boat speed and direction (aka velocity) change the apparent wind. A couple of vector diagrams should do it. 🙂

    It's simple stuff that was taught in primary school 55 to 58 years ago. I don't think that modern schools teach this stuff. I think that a simple explanation would help many people who watch your videos understand much more about sailing. You could also explain why your catamaran is faster than your mono, why it has more room, etc.

    Love your videos 🙂

  3. Hi guys, just a warning as I was looking in to taking my DJI Mavic to Mallorca and checked up on Spanish law. Since 2015 Spain has been pretty strict on drone use. Daft, I know, but please check local laws before flying to save getting in trouble.

  4. When you do sponsorship adds you might not want to sit like that, Elaina you have very nice everything, do not need to see it all. Go back and look.

  5. I'm out, followed You're journey since episode 1. Fell in love with Ela and liked to see Riley growing up as a sailor. Now it is "product-placement" all over. All the best to You 2, and succes to you're floating video-carrousel . Grtz A

  6. Solution: Always carry a spare (like your LP that you ran out of). Anything your life depends on like Hummm, radios etc, carry at least 3. At least 2 main Marine and one or 2 SSB and one waterproof hand held marine for every person that is ALWAYS on their person at night or when sailing and topside etc. There is more but hey, I am very old and tired.

  7. Am I the FIRST to do the $199 23andMe? Happy to support U2 🙂 They should ask other questions at the end like ALL for why you want the test etc… vs only 1 reason or other. Too bad I am in Hospice but if I win perhaps my wife and daughter could take the vacation. We already did Ancestry DNA and my wife's genes are also all from Europe just like mine are. 23andMe will give me a lot more information (father / mother breakdown, health etc) so we are excited for sure.

    My wife and I lived on our sailboat for 6 yrs before our daughter came along so we have been there and done that but now being sick I can at least live via your travels. THANK YOU wow, what a difference the Internet and Patron etc can make in our world of 2017 vs back when I started sailing in the 1970s.

    Best of everything to you two! I go sailing again and I am right there with you everytime I watch one of your videos 🙂

  8. glad you made it to Sicily guys, it would be fantastic if you could do a circumnavigation and calling in at the various ports, not aware of any other cruisers doing it, taormina and syracuse are stunning and hope you get clear views of etna, and many years ago i walked around the rim of vulcano dodging the sulphur clouds – don't wear flipflops ! safe passage and best wishes

  9. Just to say that, further to last post, the name Dragonera, has got to refer to that cleft between high rock cliffs. DRG in ancient Hebrew refers to way, path, track, road, whatever so Dragonera, the way, across the island, through the rock cliffs…… DRG has about ten thousand derivations in English, and every alphabetic language, all way related…..

  10. OK ! I love Riley & Elayna as we all do. The PP adds are needed but what do you think if they did a short blurb of things they use instead of forcing adverting on us.. Like the kind of fishing rod he likes or food they buy. What makes their life better then get a little from the companies they like better.. BUT MAKE IT interesting maybe Elana in a Bikini dancing around on the tramp, or the Capt. pulling in a fish in a Bikini/NOT have fun with it… Hey Jaiden hope to see some of your editing some…

  11. Dont take the sails down when u got a fish, turn into the wind and the boat will back. Though careful of too much sail up if your going down wind, when u turn the wind will come up, not the nice apparent downwind wind.

  12. I have been watching since the beginning and the choices being made are just disappointing. It feels like a staged reality tv show

  13. tense moments are exciting aren't they? hate making mistakes too – but hey, it's how you learn. great vid, guys!!!

  14. Somebody wrote, I can't wait to see you sailing with the new girl. I thought you and Elayna broke up. It's the boat.

  15. Hey Riley and Elay, we'd love to become Patrons. But after twelve years bobbing around out here our fortune has found us down another path. Come see how the other half's livin'.

  16. perfect arial views of this beautiful pictoresque island, very nice! this special episode reminds me a lot on my 1 and only boat sailing trip, when i was working in puerto Andraitx.. there was this couple who invited me for a day on this small tiny wood'n 2 people !yacht! i always will remember the views (yeah, having some photos in my archive!) from la dragonera from seaside and this perfect fine day 4my eyes and 4 the feeling of the power of the wind.(though even, i windsurf'ed some places, and once was for some hours on a small Kat. speeding aside -coastline senegal). thanks 4 especially this episode, and the nice imaginary flashback of mine right now, when i look outside, now in germany pooring down the water out of the skies…

  17. Elayna,don't mean to be rude but at 10:53 what's going on with your hands they're huuuuuge lol must be camera angle love you guys xxx

  18. Have you ever found ant cool ship wrecks or plane wrecks from ww2 or something , that would be cool finding wrecks or treasure.

  19. Love your guys work. I have been watching since i discovered your videos when i arrived in NZ on a super yacht. You guys kept my adventure and spirits up when scrubbing the decks for super wealthy owners. Please ditch the yank with the top knot! Cameron from South Africa

  20. We loved you guy's trip it is amazing , next time in Turkey you can fell free to ping me for guide me., we can cook tsome ogether and drink some turkish traditional alchocol together with my wife fingers are already crossed for you …good luck!!!

  21. Fantastic videos.  I have been watching your videos since your monohaul up to your catamaran now.  Love the videos in the Pacific Islands.  Am from the island nation of Tuvalu.  Good if you have time to travel there. There are five islands in a group of nine atolls with lagoons for a yatch/catamaran to go inside, although two out of those five islands with lagoons might not have passages that are big enough for your catamaran to go inside – but maybe in high tide only!!!  Keep up the good work to inspire others with your superb videos of places most people would only dream of visiting in their lifetime.  GB.

  22. I live in Hungary next to the Austrian border. Love Your travels very much! Really interested in the result You will have from this DNA check Elayna. Central and East Europe are a big mix because of history and border changes…

  23. There is one person that was born that has 22 chrom. That person was none other than Jesus, which has 21, the one Jesus is missing is SIN.

  24. Keep up the great work guys! Ads don't bother me at all as I know they allow you to keep creating awesome content 🙂

  25. Literally laughed out loud to the crocodile hunter reference and almost woke up my wife sleeping next to me at 1am. Been a way for a bit loving catching back up on your adventures. New boat is beautiful 🤙🏽

  26. I'm pretty sure Wicked Weasel would sponsor you to use their product on the boat. Great Aussie company supporting a great Aussie adventure. Worth a consideration?

  27. With your DNA now in the hands of sinister scientists, in the near future there will no shortage of beautiful clones to be 1st mates for hundreds of wealthy sea captains!

  28. Hi Guys, just a couple of observations. I see several Cat channels and two of them have had serious boat problems. One an Aussie by the channel name Sailing Into Freedom has just recently lost his boat. Another , Sailing Zingaro I think, has had one or two wrecks, one wrecking his Dagger boards, one knocking off his rudder on one side. I think the mistake being made is that anything shallower than 4 meters should set off an alarm, I believe you have that, and save you from disaster like the others. The alarm will remind you of the Dagger boards for instance. Also, don't look at the boat as more forgiving because its capable of shallower draft. I think that is the mistake those two channels made. Both Cats. One boat, a monohull, older, sank when they were not on it. A friend of mine in florida puts alarms on boats which notifiy the owner using various communications methods. Would recommend something like that for that beautiful boat ! Yep, you to are brother and sister by a different lizard… love those lizards…

  29. Bro and sis? Wtf, that would be really awkward. I love you're fricking boat. It is so nice and you both are really lucky to be healthy and doing this young. Don't ever forget!!!!

  30. Awesome boat guys
    Keep up the Good Work!!
    By the way it is called a Lee board
    Hope to See you guys somewhere out there

  31. Can't wait to see the 23 and me results, might get me to try it out for myself.. great advertising haha got me good

  32. After binge watching from the start I think that hiring Daniel was a great choice the production is getting so much better and drone shots are alot smoother! Also it's good to see sort of a behind the scenes vibe. Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  33. bitch bitch bitch, I can't believe it! Just keep doing exactly what you're doing Elayna & Riley! IT'S PERFECT! To those that aren't so happy1 Get your own ''f…ing (fishing) boat and do it yourself so we can gripe too! How do like my newly invented, four letter word? I think it's the greatest! Everyone gets the drift and non get bent! I'm learning a lot from you guys! Not about sailing but about editing! I'm off next Summer, solo at 80! I'm in better shape than most clock punchers! I take care of myself well and most people say; oh! I thought you were aboat 55 or so! It's only a number to me! You wanna see rock and roll, watch me on my 27 footer go through the Pacific, from Alaska/Canada to Nuie! I'll be telling you all about me from the time I can remember (2 1/2 to 80) I never punched a clock! I get 2 grand a month pension, and don't really need financing. I just like to teach, because I've been down a bumpy road and learned a lot, for which I am very thankful! No pain, no gain! So set your clock because I know I will. Nothing boring, pure trauma! Later! home.

  34. Been watching your vids on&off for quite some time now and had no idea that you are half Romanian. Now that you've mentioned that I'll try to watch all your vids! Numa bine 🙂

  35. I've been on dragonera island it was and amazing experience and there were sooo many lizards and I got bit a few times 😂😬🐉

  36. Search for Jesus. God is the creator. Not Evolution. Get your facts straight. Evolution is not base on fact but based on assumptions

  37. Can't help but for me the first tour with your original Vagabonde was so much more personal and authentic. I still love it and it was a fantastic deal but it has it's price.

  38. Conspiracy theories say 23 and me was developed to have everyone's DNA in a system for the government to keep track of you so just thought I'd share that with y'all

  39. Love every EP of SLV. Just wondering why this couple don't ever talk on the video? They seem like fun but rarely ever speak. Any reason?

  40. Love you guys 💕⛵
    I was quite surprised that you're part Austrian 🇦🇹 I'm from Austria and live near Vienna, if you ever there, let me know ❤️

  41. imagine my surprise after watching a couple hundred videos from you guys and just stumbling upon this one where you mention your dad is from Romania. how come i didn't get this earlier?:)
    Salutations from Bucharest, Romania and hope to see you guys on the high sees in a couple of years. doing some courses now, not ruffing it out like Riley did:)) the man has mega balls! please say that to him from me:)

    ahoy from a landlubber!

  42. Rewatching this one and just realized there’s trail mix or something in the bed with Riley in the beginning. 😂 what happened with that? It’d be even more funny if he slept in it all night.

  43. sorry but 23 and me is right only 50% of the time I have three cousins who are bother and two sisters who tried it and got told three different things and none of it was close .

  44. these DNA companies can and will sell your med info / history to insurance companies and such which can change your pricing and access to health / life insurance . read the fine print

  45. Wow!!😳⛵⚓
    What a view you have @3:07 for work!!❤ Love Cindy on the Coast of Oregon.🌴☔
    #davesandersstepdaughter 🦋

  46. by the very reason I decided to start traveling the country was to find more out about cultures and to figure more about my own lineage this was before they had

    after websites like I decided that it would be fun to travel the world in regards to go into places where my family is from versus just going to wherever in the world have always want to travel the world but then it was guided towards more annoying more about me where I come from…..

    I grew up in a broken family situation and I've worked very hard in my live to try and piecetogether what is important for me to know in my growth as a being in this lifetime…

    Do bad that the sweepstakes is over with I would love to try and enter a sweepstakes like that hooowaahh..
    Loving you beautiful Soul family!

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