Advantages of the Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rowing Machine

Hi, Bryan Volpenhein here and I’m coming to you from the Oklahoma City High Performance Center, the new Devon Boathouse. I just want to talk about the new Concept2 Dynamic erg. We have four of them here and they are great machines. I’ve been on them quite a bit recently, and I just do a lot of my own personal training on them. A lot of the guys use them quite a bit. So, I think they’re a great machine—very compact, portable, actually easier to store than the Concept2 stationary erg and not as clumsy as the sliders. I think as far as the dynamic aspect of them, they are very effective. It definitely feels like a boat more so than the sliders. I would even say, it’s probably the best dynamic machine I’ve been on. It’s just very durable. It’s very familiar. It has the monitor the way we like it. It gives you the same information. The feedback that I’ve gotten from the guys is that it’s much harder, which I think is good because it shows that you have to row well to get a good score on this machine. There are no tricks on it. You can’t yank in high. You can’t really hit the front end like you can on the sliders with the stationary to really affect your score. The only way to make it better is to be more efficient and be a better rower, and so I think that’s a good thing. Other things that I’ve noticed are that the fan settings are much more sensitive. If you adjust it a little bit, it makes the feel of the connection and the feel of the machine much heavier or lighter depending on which way you go. That’s just an interesting sort of effect that I’ve noticed. It’s a quiet machine. It stores easily. It’s very durable. It’s stable. When you sit on it, you don’t feel like it’s going to fall apart. It won’t feel like you’re going to tip off of it. You can get good solid work on it and get the effect of a dynamic motion, which I think is very important. I’m very excited to have one, and we’ll be using them a lot. We’ll continue to use them throughout and start doing some testing on them and get a baseline of numbers of what’s good and how it’s different from the other machines. In the immediate future it’s going to be a very good machine. I think people should buy them, use them in their programs, and they will have an impact. Concept2, thank you for making such a high-quality dynamic erg.

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3 thoughts on “Advantages of the Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rowing Machine

  1. Extremely well built, sturdy, and great quality for home use.>>> Both my son and I enjoy using it. He’s on a rowing team and I just use it for exercise. The seat is pretty hard so if you don’t have natural padding you may need a cushion seat. I bought one on amazon. You will also need oil to keep the chain moving well. Otherwise, there’s not much to keeping it maintained. This is NOT a rickety piece of home exercise equipment. It’s definitely worth the investment!!!

  2. As a non water rower, I still love my model D. I’m about to give it to my daughter and was going to get the E. Would this give me as good and hard a workout?

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