Abandoned Mine Ruins on a DESERTED ISLAND! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 152

– It’s the first time something
like this has happened, but it’s actually jammed, so we can’t pull down
the Code D right now. (mellow jazz music) Uh-oh. – [Man] I don’t know what happened. – [Elayna] This is wicked. (bird squawks) (vocalising) (mellow island music) You were with us last week
on the gorgeous island of Anguilla, with some
dramas on the beach. We’ve lost the (mumbles)
in the water somewhere, and we’re trying to find it. Before we rented a little zoom
zoom and explored the island. So we’re leaving this
morning to Sombrero Island. And it’s called Sombrero Island because it does look like a sombrero hat. Yeah, pretty stoked to
be leaving this morning, and the sky is clearing
’cause it rained all night, so I’m really stoked. I hope it stays this way. You look wet, what happened? – I dropped the fin from
the kayak in the water. – [Elayna] You found it? – [Man] Yep. – [Elayna] Cool. – Stefan dropped one of
the fins in the water, and I heard this like, “Oh!” And I thought, what happened? He held up one of the ones
that wasn’t in the water, and he’s like, “I dropped
this in the water.” And I was like, and I looked
at him and he was like… (laughter) Walked off the (mumbles) – [Elayna] Great start to the morning. – Yip yip. – [Elayna] Awake. (mellow music) (laughs) Hey buddy! You want a lift to Sombrero? (laughs) It was perfect Code D weather as we set off for Sombrero island. We were looking at a
nice, flat downwind sail for a little while. (mellow music) – [Man] Okay, captain my captain, what’s the current situation? – So, we’re (mumbles)
protected at the moment from Anguilla and a few
other little islands. And we’re absolutely
hammering with the Code D right now within a para
wind speed of like 13. But once we get out of
the way of these islands, the para wind speed is gonna pick up a little bit, but we should
be right on this course. We just can’t get a better
angle on Sombrero Island, which is what we want eventually. So we’re just gonna ride this like this for as long as we can and
try and pinch a few degrees here and there to Sombrero. At some stage we’re just
gonna have to fill in the Code D and… – [Man] And head straight at our Island. – [Elayna] And head straight to Sombrero. We’re out in the open now. It’s really not so bad. Let’s see the apparent wind speed, Riley. between 13 and 16 All right, cool. Yeah, just as we predicted. What’s going on? – We’re just gonna fill this Code D. – [Elayna] Pick up? – Yeah. – [Elayna] All right. – [Man] Pull on it more. (waves splashing) – It’s the first time something
like this has happened, but Riley just said that
we winched the Code D up just a little bit too high and the rope gets a
bit thicker at the top. And it’s actually jammed, so we can’t pull down
the Code D right now. So Riley is rigging something up. – Elayna, come here as well. (mumbles) – [Elayna] Nah, that’s jammed. Yes! We got it. You missed the dramatic fall down. (laughter) No damage, Riley? – No, I mean I probably
need to go and have a look at some stage, but I doubt it. – [Elayna] So is this the
thickness of the rope? – Well no, I don’t think it was that now. I don’t know. I don’t know what it was. – [Elayna] Good job, Shookers. Thank you for your help. – No, no. – [Elayna] Nice job, Rob. So, what’d you figure out? – It’s been a while. All it was, we figured out eventually, was I was using the Code zero line for the Code D. So one’s doubled and one’s singled. And that’s obviously why
it got caught at the top. I’m not sure what it got caught on or why, but I realised I was
using the wrong halyard. So, no dramas there, no need to scale the mast, apart from the fact that
I probably should anyway. – [Elayna] Uh-oh. – [Man] Uh-oh. – [Elayna] Uh-oh. – [Riley] I don’t know what happened. If that was on… Or that has fallen down and
somehow knocked the line. I think it’s fallen off there, and somehow knocked that up. I don’t know, that doesn’t… – [Elayna] So we have no fresh water now. – Well, we’ve got fresh water minus… Whatever this was. Actually, Elayna, who’s got
some washing they need done? – [Man] I have maybe one shirt. – [Riley] Yeah. That’s good for the night because there’s all sorts
of grubby little bacteria growing around in here. – The morning sickness is real. I’ve been like, I wake up this morning, before we’d even left, and I knew I was gonna be sick. But I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve only got morning sickness twice. So… Think if I keep talking myself out of it I’ll be okay. – We’re 2.6 nautical miles
from Sombrero Island. The swell is starting to build. Because of the continental
shelf creeping up, so the waves are building. We’ve got an apparent wind speed of 21, it’s been even up to 23. We’ve still got full sails up. Which is pushing it a little bit, but it’s just here. So I’ve gone downwind a little bit. The lull of the apparent wind speed will push up behind the island, turn the engines on, and motor back in. Otherwise we could take the reef, but I can’t really be bothered. We’ve snuck up into our little spot that I found. And hopefully go for a
spearfish pretty quickly. Elayna, what do you reckon? She’s… She’s about as not keen
as I’ve ever seen her for anything. (bouncy island music) – I feel like such a dork with this on. (bouncy island music) ♪ The whispers of the trees ♪ ♪ The humming of the bees ♪ It’s still 18 metres here,
and you can see the bottom. The water must be so clear. This is so cool. So we’ve decided, all
along this shelf here, like it’s 20 metres regardless. So it’s a really steep drop. So we might as well go close to the steps that lead to the town. Back over this way. And we’ve already seen fish in the water. So I’m so excited to jump in. ♪ …the things I’d never tried ♪ ♪ So much to do before I die ♪ ♪ Life keeps rolling on ♪ ♪ And I keep forgetting what I want ♪ (object clicks) (whirring) – [Man] What on earth is going on? – Riley’s convinced me to take the dinghy all the way out there
to drift along the shelf so he can go spear fishing. – [Man] Out in basically Atlantic swell. – So I’m just thinking
what we should take, and I think we should take… We got a radio so we can radio Shikron, if the engine won’t start
or something like that. I’m also gonna take the (mumbles) for the worst case scenario, and maybe some flares. Should we take some flares? Or is that a bit overboard? – [Man] Well, I guess we could. – Doesn’t hurt. Some sun screen, a hat and bikinis, so I can swim as well. Yeah. – [Man] In order of importance, well done. – What are you after
today (mumbles) wahoo? – [Man] Wahoo or tuna. – I think tuna. – Tuna would be nice. – [Man] Really? Wahoo’s better. – Yeah, mix it up. I don’t know, something different. (man mumbles) – Get a tuna. – (mumbles) Walkie-talkie and a lifeline. – For navigation. – For nav. Alrighty. – [Man] Alright. We hope that you won’t use it. – Me too. (laughter) – [Man] Peace. – See you later. – [Man] See you! (Riley mumbles) – Riley said he’s seen something. So I’ve let go of the buoy, and he’s by himself now. And if I see him waving, I’m gonna start up the dinghy and go over and help him fetch the fish. False alarm. Riley said it was a small
wahoo, so he didn’t shoot it. But I don’t know how
I got roped into this. I’m now chopping up chum. And throwing it in the water for Riley. Because we’re drifting this
way and he’s behind me, so I’ll throw the chum out and hopefully lure in a big one. The boat stinks. So, Riley… So I don’t think we said, but Riley did not get a wahoo. – [Riley] I saw one. – He saw one, but it was only… – [Riley] Little baby one. – Yeah, it was a little one. But anyway… – [Riley] I thought I wouldn’t shoot it. – Okay, Riley, thank you. – [Riley] I could have, though. – You could have but
you did the right thing. And we all go back to the boat. Riley went for a swim by himself. The GoPro battery died, but he said, like, the
sea life’s incredible, so tomorrow morning we’re
all gonna go for a swim. But right now we really
wanna go and check out the ruins up here before it gets dark. There’s no place to leave the dinghy. It’s just a quick wall. So we’re gonna try and
throw out the anchor and hopefully it’ll sit off the wall. But yeah, there’s a ladder
that we have to climb to get onto this island. So this is gonna be interesting. This is so sick. – It’s (mumbles) – [Elayna] This is wicked. (soulful vocalising) (laughter) Oh my god. Here we are. Sombrero. Oh my gosh. Those birds were not expecting a human. Hello! ♪ I was in love with the big blue ocean ♪ I don’t even know where to look right now. ♪ A few of the words were not spoken ♪ Where am I right now? Never felt this way. Ever. I’m getting such a weird
feeling being here. It’s so different from
anything I’ve ever felt. – [Riley] So, Sombrero, like Anguilla, is one of the British territories. This island was used for mining guano, which is the accumulated
excrement of seabirds and bats. Guano is a highly effective fertiliser due to its high content
of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, the nutrients essential for plant growth. Sombrero is located on
the route between England and South and Central America. Because of the high traffic on this route there were hundreds of
ships that run aground on the nearby Horseshoe Reef. Many islands across the
Caribbean required a lighthouse, so it wasn’t until 1898
that one was constructed. A lighthouse was once
damaged in a hurricane and replaced, and it was
manned until the year 2001, when they installed an automated tower. Since then it’s just been the lizards, the mass boobies and
the plethora of sea life under the surface. (soulful vocalising) (bird squawks) – [Elayna] Oh, little baby. Aren’t you just gorgeous? You can’t fly yet. But don’t worry, we’ll
leave you alone, okay? You stay there. It’s all right, you stay. You stay. This is the way up to the lighthouse, and the first thing I see
is batteries in water. And I don’t trust it. – [Man] I’m gonna go first. – [Elayna] All right, sweet. I’ll use you as a guinea pig. Be careful. I don’t trust the rusty part. So I’m on the fifth
floor of the lighthouse. And Shikron just came
from the level above, and he said the lighthouse
is actually locked off, so the best view that we
have is from this little, little window here. And it is so hot in here. And a bit creepy. There’s like this hum. I’m not sure what it’s from. But I don’t like it, so I’m going down. – What can I say? This place is amazing. Absolutely incredible. It’s like the remains of some
ancient Druid civilization left here just for us to explore. It really, really is incredible. I’m just absolutely
gobsmacked, blown away. It’s ridiculous. We probably say that too much, and it doesn’t leave
enough room for when places actually are really amazing, and this place really is amazing. Look at this. I mean that might not
be your thing, but… I like it. (birds squawking) – Very large population of birds and also hermit crabs. But other than that… Not even any spiders. Which I’m surprised. I’m really happy that
these birds don’t attack. They’re not aggressive. Like, if these were magpies, in Australia, we’d be in a lot of trouble. Riley just said that he
reckons he could live here. – I could. – What part would you live in? And why? – Nesting grounds, ’cause
there’s lots of veggies for dinner. – Oh yeah, you could live on (mumbles) Get pretty sick of them, and you might have to put
up a fight with the birds. – Probably live off wahoo. – Gotta catch it first. Oh! ♪ And now all you do is (mumbles) ♪ Made peanut (mumbles) noodles for dinner. I’m gonna eat on the deck. Gonna get cold real quick. The food. – [Riley] Thanks for dinner. (speaks foreign language) – That’s okay. – [Riley] And also, and I mean this, thanks for coming miles off shore with me. (Elayna laughs) – Yeah, that was a big one. – [Riley] Whilst a little bit seasick, and pregnant. And then, after all of that, dealing with throwing
chum in the water for me. – You’re welcome. Thank you for taking me. (laughs) I was about to say,
just like that he’s out. Riley was just asleep. Knackered? – Unbelievably. Exhausted. – I can’t wait to go
swimming tomorrow morning! – You guys need to come for a swim, over by the island. – Yeah, I really need to see
what’s under the surface. Okay, I’m gonna say good night. Until tomorrow. Please like and subscribe
if you haven’t already, and next Monday dive with us before we set the sails once again for a 500-nautical-mile mission
to the Dominican Republic. (coughs) – Guano bowls. Collect the whole set. (mellow island music)

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