13th Annual Jimmy Kimmel Live Belly Flop Competition

All right. This is something that
doesn’t have anything to do with anything,
but every summer, we have a pedestrian
belly flop competition. We have people on the street
take off their clothes and jump into a pool. But this year, we
decided, why wait? So we set the pool
up, and it’s time to invite some strangers who
are passing by our theater to– that’s the pool. Let’s go out to cousin Sal who’s
out on Hollywood Boulevard. There’s cousin Sal.
– What’s happening, Jimmy? What’s going on?
the weather is good? Oh, it’s a polar
vortex out, Jimmy. But we’ll get through it. JIMMY KIMMEL: Have you
been wrangling people? Have you found–
–anyone walking by? I got this guy.
JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Hold on.
Are you– are you a cop? I have to ask. No, no, just going for
the “Magnum PI” look. OK.
JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. I like the look. It’s very– it’s retro. What is your name? James, Jimmy,
whatever you like. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.
– Don’t make it confusing. JIMMY KIMMEL: Well,
obviously I like Jimmy. All right. JIMMY KIMMEL: What do
you do for work, Jimmy? I do security for
a company called CIT, and I also work at a vape shop.
JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] Just staying afloat. Just staying afloat. JIMMY KIMMEL: Really? Well, those are Guillermo’s
exact qualifications. JIMMY: Oh yeah? Well, tell him to come
on down to Florida, man. JIMMY KIMMEL: A vape shop, huh?
OK. Yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, great. Well, did you want
to flop your belly? You don’t have much of a belly,
but you make the most of it. I’ll let him borrow some.
JIMMY KIMMEL: OK, yes. All right.
Let’s come on through. And let’s see if we have
anybody else out there, Sal. COUSIN SAL: Come on in.
JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. Oh, hello.
– Hi there. JIMMY KIMMEL: What’s your name?
– Dina JIMMY KIMMEL: Dina,
where are you from? Newport Beach. JIMMY KIMMEL: And what
do you do for work, Dina? I’m actually a
biology student at USC. JIMMY KIMMEL: You are a– oh, did your parents
pay to get you in there? No, they did not. JIMMY KIMMEL: No? Not that I know. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Well, keep in mind, we’re
going to do a little background check on you after this. Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Would you like to
belly flop tonight? I would love to belly flop.
JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Come on through then.
– Nice. JIMMY KIMMEL: Sal, find
a few more bellies– COUSIN SAL: OK. –and send them all
through, and we’ll have a big competition. Our competitors
tonight will be judged on style, skill, and
most importantly, water displacement. So this is gonna be good.
Oh, OK. Good.
All right. We have more floppers.
Very good, Sal. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] GUILLERMO: Oh yeah. Look at that. Oh yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Hi, everyone. Yes, yes. Oh good.
We got some good bellies there. Guillermo, you going
out there, too? GUILLERMO: Yeah.
I’ll go with them. All right.
Very good. All right. It’s like the least
spectacular parade ever. All right. Let’s go to our
back lot, where our 13th annual
pedestrian belly flop competition is about to begin. It is about to begin. That is our official belly
flop security guard, Guillermo. How you feeling
tonight, Guillermo? Feeling great, Jimmy.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Pretty great. OK. I would also like to introduce
you to our judges tonight. First up, this gentleman
won an Olympic bronze medal in 2018 for the United States. He is a Mirrorball-winning
champion from “Dancing with the Stars.” Please say hello to Adam Rippon. Adam, hello, Adam. Adam, you are a
professional athlete. What is the primary
difference between figure skating and belly flopping? Honestly, I don’t really feel
like there is a difference. I’m really looking
for a lot of passion. And more than anything, I
want to get [BLEEP] wet. JIMMY KIMMEL: Nice. All right. Thank you, Adam. That’s the attitude
we like to see. Next up, she is the official
scorekeeper on the ABC show “To Tell the Truth,”
which is hosted by her son, Anthony Anderson. Please welcome Doris– Mama Doris. Hey. JIMMY KIMMEL: Welcome.
it’s good to see you. You too, Jimmy. JIMMY KIMMEL: I’m doing well. If you are here, who is at home
watching Anthony right now? Did you get a sitter?
– Yes, I did. JIMMY KIMMEL: You did?
OK. Are you ready for this, Doris?
– Yes. Yes. And in the anchor
position, he is the front man for the band Sugar Ray. He almost won this season
of “Celebrity Big Brother.” Please welcome Mark McGrath. Hello, Mark. Hit ’em with a hey! JIMMY KIMMEL: Mark. Jimmy. JIMMY KIMMEL: You famously
just wanted to fly. What do you look
for in a belly flop? Jimmy, like life,
it is commitment to what you’re doing.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes. If I don’t see
full commitment, you’re gonna get a 0 from the
guy, the douche in Sugar Ray. JIMMY KIMMEL: Aw. Well, don’t be hard
on yourself, Mark. That’s unfair. But listen, I like this
team of judges we have here. GUILLERMO: Me, too. They’re taking this
seriously, and I hope our contestants will, as well. Guillermo, bring out
flopper number one. Oh. Oh, we almost– [LAUGHS] – How’s it going?
– Hey. – That was nothing.
– [LAUGHS] – You didn’t see that.
– Oh, all right. Neither did that camera. JIMMY KIMMEL: Jimmy, we almost
lost you before you even got to the edge of the pool. Shh. JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] Right. All right, Jimmy. You’re looking good. You chose the speedo,
or the speedo chose you? The speedo chose me. JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] Speedo life chose me. JIMMY KIMMEL: Are you having
any regret about your decision to do this right now? Not yet.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Not yet. Not yet.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Very good. All right.
You ready to do this? Again, we’re
looking for passion. We’re looking for commitment. And most of all, we’re looking
for a lot of water, all right? You’re gonna get
a lot of passion. JIMMY KIMMEL: Here we go.
– Lot of passion. JIMMY KIMMEL: And it’s Jimmy. Guillermo, count him down. Three, two, one. [SPLASH] Oh. [SHRIEKING] JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Well done. I got wet. JIMMY KIMMEL: Let’s take
a look at the slow motion instant replay so we can really
examine Jimmy’s work here. And yeah. Pretty good.
Pretty good. He got a lot of belly in there. But let’s let the
judges be the judge. Adam, what do you say? You know what? I think for the vape king
from Florida, definitely a 9. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. He got a 9. Solid. Doris? I gave him a 9
for getting me wet. JIMMY KIMMEL: Doris
says a 9, too. Yeah.
JIMMY KIMMEL: And finally, Mark. Lot of banana,
lot of commitment. I’m giving a 9. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh,
you’ve earned a 27. How do you feel, Jimmy? That’s a pretty good score. Oh, I feel alive, Jimmy.
JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. Well, you look-
– I feel alive. JIMMY KIMMEL: –alive.
All right. Well, cousin Sal has a little
something for you– a hot dog. Enjoy. And we’ll go– let’s go back up. Should we go back
up to the platform? Guillermo? Oh, yes.
It is Dina. Hello, Dina.
– Hi. JIMMY KIMMEL: Hi. Welcome. Thank you. JIMMY KIMMEL: Now, Dina,
you are at a disadvantage. You seem to have no
stomach whatsoever. [LAUGHS] Yeah. I am. JIMMY KIMMEL: Is there anything
you want to say to the haters before we begin? I’m gonna belly
flop this thing. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK,
well, you know what? You’ve gotta get
a perfect score. Well, you got a 27 to beat. Jimmy got three 9s, so
let’s see what you got. Guillermo, count her down. Three, two, one. JIMMY KIMMEL: Here goes Dina. [SPLASH] [MIXED CROWD REACTION] [LAUGHS] All right. Well, let’s take a look at
that again in slow motion here. And see Dina– she got a– yeah. She got a little
above her belly there. And really, well, let’s
go to the judges now. I know you ain’t giving a– JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes, the judges. Adam, what do you say? I feel like my wig is getting
more wet than Doris’ right now. [LAUGHS] I don’t think so. But that was good. I’m impressed. I give it an 8.
JIMMY KIMMEL: 8. All right.
Adam says 8. Doris? She was cute, but
I gave her that. [LAUGHTER] JIMMY KIMMEL: Doris, are
you really wearing a wig? Yeah.
Oh, yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you are.
OK. I wasn’t getting
my hair wetter. [LAUGHS] JIMMY KIMMEL: Hey, Mark, I
don’t think there’s any way Dina can win this anyway. But what score do you give her? Well, commitment, fulfillment,
and a fellow Trojan, and I didn’t pay to get in, either. I’m giving you a 10. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, I see. Oh, perfect. All right. Right on.
JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Let’s– Dina, what do you think? What happened there? I don’t know. I just went for it and– JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t– I tried to eat. I had like six cookies
before I came on this. JIMMY KIMMEL: You were a good
sport, and cousin Sal’s gonna– This is a hot dog. JIMMY KIMMEL: –get
you a head start on the belly for the next time.
– OK. JIMMY KIMMEL: There you go.
Eat that hot dog. Thank you. JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s
full of delicious fat. Are you a– have you– are you a– I would imagine
you don’t have a lot of belly under that shirt. But are you a belly
flopper in any way? I was– I was
watching the belly flop competition from backstage. JIMMY KIMMEL: You
want to check one out? You want to be part of one? I mean, well,
this is the thing. That girl got robbed. Her belly flop was definitely
superior to the guy. JIMMY KIMMEL: You thought so?
– Yeah, clearly. Well, because there’s
a technical reason. Her– the guy like put his
elbows and knees down first. That doesn’t hurt as much. She went pure belly flop. She shoulda won. OK. You’re saying you’re focused on
technique, rather than results, I think. I’m focused on pain– I see. How much pain
are you enduring? That guy did– he put his
elbows down at the last minute. That doesn’t–
that doesn’t hurt. JIMMY KIMMEL: Interesting.
Interesting. But you are not a licensed
belly flop judge like– That’s true.
That’s true. –Adam is, like
Doris is, like Mark is. You know?
– Can I judge one, though? – Yeah, sure.
– OK. Let’s go.
Let’s go out there right now. This is not gonna be any–
JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. OK.
Here we go. Now, this is– this is great. What’s your name? Keep your elbows up! Kerry King. JIMMY KIMMEL: Kerry King. Where you from, Kerry? Lake Providence, Louisiana. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Very good. So you’ve probably jumped in
the swamps and stuff, right? JOSEPH: [LAUGHS] Shoot ’em, Elizabeth. [LAUGHTER] Now, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
has some advice for you. I don’t know if you
heard his advice, but– I want a pure belly flop. None of this elbows down, knees
down like the mustached guy. I got the belly for it. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. I knew this baby was
gonna come in handy. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.
All right. All right. Are you ready to do this?
– I’m ready. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Guillermo, count him down. Three, two, one. JIMMY KIMMEL: And– [SPLASH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] That was– yeah. That’s the way. That’s the deal right there. [LAUGHS] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Well, let’s see what
our judges think. That’s– that
was a belly flop. Look at, dude!
Look at that! JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, let’s look
at that again in slow motion, as we have been known to do. And here it go– OK.
You’re right. JOSEPH: He didn’t
put his elbows down. JIMMY KIMMEL: You’re right.
He took– JOSEPH: That’s a
pure belly flop. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah,
he took it full-on. Judges, what do you say? Adam? You know what? [LAUGHTER] JIMMY KIMMEL: Adam’s so– They make ’em
dense in Louisiana. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-huh. That’s right.
– 10. JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s
on the license plate. JOSEPH: Yes.
Adam gives him a 10. Doris? I like him. I like him. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-oh. And I like the belly flop. JIMMY KIMMEL: Doris, this
is not a dating show. Yes, it is. And– JOSEPH: Yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: –finally Mark. Mark, what do you say? Jimmy, that man
was born to flop. And Joseph, thank you for
recognizing technique. That man gets a 10 from me. JOSEPH: Yes. First of all, I’d like to
thank my mama for blessing me with all his beauty. [LAUGHTER] JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes,
you get two hot dogs. Oh, I got all the hot dogs.
JIMMY KIMMEL: There you go. All right. [LAUGHTER] That’s like a Nathan’s. Well, you’re right.
You’re right. Well done. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, wow. Look at that. Kerry is the champion. Kerry is the king of the
belly flop competition. Hi.
I’m Jimmy Kimmel. I hope you enjoyed that video. Hit subscribe, and
all your dreams will come true,
assuming your dreams are to watch more YouTube videos.

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