🤿MANE IS A DIVER!🤿 #11 Every Premier League Manager Reacts

Every Premier League Manager Matchday 11! Josh King – what a goal. Yes. I just asked him, did you have a point to prove that your old team Man Utd shouldn’t have let you go? He said no. I said correct You have all three points! Hahaha. After that defeat, it’s back to the drawing board. Though now is probably not a good time to mention that… I can’t draw for BEEP. Dean, are you disappointed not to come away with anything today? That’s not true at all. I’ve come away with a free match programme. That VAR decision is a disgrace. Jurgen Klopp? Ja. I’ve been sent from the future to protect you. Who sent you? You did. 6 months from now, Martin Atkinson’s 28th horrendous decision costs your side the league title. So you sent me back to this time. To terminate him. Great. Well run along. Things to do, people to terminate. Sadio Mane is a diver. Er, are you just trying to get into his head before you play Liverpool next week? No… Not at all… 27 straight wins to go… We’re improving game by game. 0-9, 3-1, 2-1 If we don’t draw 1-1 next week I’ll eat my own testicles. Losing 3-2 at home to Newcastle? My wife better put me on suicide watch this week. Another win. Another three points. I’ll be getting an 8 year contract at this rate. Good ebening. Yes! Another terrible result. What a terrible season we’re having. *whistles* I’m loving it! Er Unai, why are you loving it? Because over the summer I bought 50% of Arsenal Fan TV. Business is booming! Sorry, can we start this interview in 5 minutes? I just want to go upstairs and drop in a CV. Sheff Utd – Top 6? If we’re still there come the end of the season, I’ll do the Full Monty dance routine in my final interview. If Sheff Utd are still in the Top 6 at the end of the season… I’ll shove this voicebox up my ass and do the Full Monty dance routine too. 8th! We’re up to 8th! Thanks to Trossard, I’m gonna toss hard tonight. I appeal to everyone watching this… If you have any information …regarding the whereabouts of Teemu Pukki …please get in touch. The fans booed me for bringing off Darly Janmaat. Daryl Janmaat. You’d think I’d just subbed of Lionel Messi. Another win. Up to fourth. 7th away win in a row. Which begs the question… …how the hell did we lose to Man United 4-0? That was Vardy’s 10th goal this season. That’s the same amount as my whole bloody team! So I’ve told the lads if they keep playing BEEP… …they’re going to get banged. And no, not in a homosexual way before you ask. Another great win. Is it true that there were Man Utd, Barcelona and Real Madrid scouts in today? Looking at James Maddison? No, looking at me. *sniggers* Alex Iwobi – what an assist! It was just a shame it was for Spurs and not us. Did the ref have a bad game? Maybe. But I’d like to see you refereeing a game for 90 minutes …whilst being chased by a terminator.

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100 thoughts on “🤿MANE IS A DIVER!🤿 #11 Every Premier League Manager Reacts

  1. Good Ebening, This is our terrible session but we are still 5th 🙂 It is not possible to push Arsenal down. Even if you press three times the toilet, we are still floating.

  2. Could you please do Steve Bruce's voice without the lip-smacking as I'm starting to hear it in my dreams. Ta and love you lots. <3 x

  3. Can I request,please? Please make the video about Son Heung Min made a Slide tackle to Andre Gomez Conspiracy,with the Conspiracy:
    1.The Floor is Sulli Theory
    2.The Blackpink vs BTS theory
    3.The Firminator Theory
    Please make it…👍👍👍👌👌

  4. Your videos are getting really trashy keep up the good work all you’re doing is every Premier League manager that’s really boring get a life

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