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www.facebook.com/BabelSub Plop Youth – Dive Subbers Alina, Sophia, Rachel, Rita Episode 15 Thank you. Careful. That way, I think. Let’s go. Over there. Come on, come on. It doesn’t look like a residence. Sit down, sit down. Hello. This is the address for this place, right? Yes, it is. We’re looking for someone. He used to live here, his name is Witte. Witte? He moved out long ago. He says Witte moved out. Moved out? Could you ask him that does he know where? Do you know where did he move to? No idea. Come get me when you ready to order. How are we going to find Witte? I think we should take a break. We won’t be able to find him if we searched aimlessly. Thailand’s national team. He was on the team. Right! Let’s go. Come on. Excuse me. We’re looking for a guy named Witte Sone. Chinese? No, he’s a Thai. I meant are you Chinese? Yeah, you too? Me too. That’s great. Compatriot. Nice to meet you. You’re an athlete as well? Yeah. Diver? Yeah. There are Chinese divers here visiting today. Are you here to train with us? We’re looking for Witte. It’s about Witte. Come with me. OK. I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable. Here’s the thing, Witte bailed right before the game back then. That’s why he’s not exactly well-liked among teammates. Don’t take it personally. Not at all. Do you have his current address? He has left the team for years, I’m not sure if we have that on file. Could you please check for us? We’ve come all the way to Thailand. We need to find him fast. Sure. Bailong! How did it go? It’s the same old address. That’s alright, we’ll find another way. Come on. What the hell is this place? I think we lost them. Again? It’s been two days, we still haven’t seen your father. Do you think they made us? If we got made you wouldn’t be able to stay comfortably… Lower your voice! Do you think those two outside would be afraid of me? Run! Are you sure this is the right place? It’s kinda weird. I didn’t expect this much trouble. Busser, you hungry? Yeah. Come on, I’m buying. When did you ever do that? Why are you being so nice to me now? I’m the same person I’ve always been. You’re buying, can’t wait. To our usual place. Let’s go. You only have two hundred baht? What matters is the action not the money. Never mind. Hands off, dude. Here. Here we are. Finally. Watch your step. This place is exactly the same as it was. Come on in. Why did you leave without saying goodbye? You just left. The team’s all messed up now, do you know that? How could it be? It’s not like an amateur like me can do you any good. Asshole. Alright, alright, you guys must be Witte’s friends from China. Let’s be friendly, everybody’s happy. Right, Bailong, you’ve been looking forward to see Witte, why start fighting the moment you see him? Everything was fine, why did you suddenly leave? I thought we were your friends. How’s Haoran doing? No idea. Come back with us. What do you want? Haoran worked really hard to be your partner. And he’s far better than me. You.. You… Hello, aunt? Han Caiyi, how could you leave without telling me? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was afraid that you wouldn’t let me come. Did you go there by yourself? I’m with Mi Nan and Bailong. Don’t worry. Did you find Witte then? Witte? We found him. Put him on. Put him on. Coach? Coach. No need to say anything. I’ve decided to quit the diving team. Are you sure you’re not coming back, Witte Sone? What did the coach say? She said, I gotta go back and correct some typo in my written apology. It’ll be fine. Everything’s gonna be fine. Those kids, they make me worry too much. Just like you when you’re a teenager. It’ll be fine. Come on, I’ll join you. Don’t worry. What are you doing here alone? Did you follow me here? Witte, I’m gonna say this one last time. I won’t be able to do this without you. I’m used to pair with you, I need you. Since when did you become so touchy-feely? Working with you is Haoran’s dream. I’m not ruining it for him. It’s Haoran who persuaded me to come looking for you. We decided we’d make our way into the National College Championship. Things are different now. Different how? Tell me. What’s really going on? You really wanna know? I don’t remember much of it. All I can remember is they were always fighting, non-stop. I thought if I had worked hard and won medals, things would’ve gotten better in the family. Mom, I got the gold medal today, look. Don’t cry, I’ll win more gold medals for you, mom. I made my efforts in vain. A few years ago, my mom finally had enough of it. Mom! Mom! Mom! After my mom left, my dad rarely went home. So I also just stopped going home. Good day, everyone! Welcome back for the midday news. This is a rather heavy but also somewhat liberating news story. According to report, as the head of the border inspection department, Siwa Sawaddi was indicted for multiple crimes. He is elusive and has disappeared for years. Now with a new lead coming up, the police is actively in a manhunt. If he were to be arrested, it would be justice served for the public. For no matter where or when, crimes like bribery, fraud and smuggling are danger to our society, threats to public safety. and enemies of the people. Where is my dad? No one knows. Do you believe that? That my father would do such things? He never cared about money! How would he take bribes? Witte, don’t worry about that. You need to focus on your study in school. You have a future ahead of you. Trust me. Take this. Take care of yourself. Take it. I don’t need it. I’m gonna find him. So you gave up diving because of your father, didn’t you? My dad used to say, once a man makes a choice he gotta stick with it. I didn’t give up. It’s just, I couldn’t see the reason to see it through. I saw you hold boxing matches here. Do you need new boxer? You any good? I’m very good. I like your confidence. Give it a try. Busser! Yes? Take the rookie with you. There’s only one rule, I don’t make bad investment. Got it? Busser, go ahead. OK. Let’s go. Is it really necessary? What? We’re just making a living here. Do you need to be so intense? Yeah, just making a living. No need to take it seriously. I came here to see my father. I need to know why he left. Well, that’s the story. You can go home now. I’m staying with you. Doing what? Waiting for your father here. No. Why not? Because I said no. Listen to me, it’s dangerous here. You… you should go back now. You never listened to me anyway. Someone’s here. What are we gonna do? I’ll go take a look, wait here. Be careful. I told you to wait on the roof! There’s no way I’d let you go alone. Fine. If anything happens, run. You got it? What about you? What do you care? All I care about is… I wanna bring you back safely. Seriously? You wanna get into that now? I’m telling you, I’m not leaving, and you’re not doing this alone. Alright. Move. That tall one is my dad. Your dad? Is everything ready? Yeah, everything’s ready. Shouldn’t be a problem. All right, we gotta be discreet this time. OK. Strictly follow my plan. OK. Make sure nothing goes wrong. OK, understood. Chump, be careful. Bro, have some water. Busser? How did I get here? You passed out. Some water should wake you up. Here. Passed out? I brought you here. You got made on the first day. Do you have any ideal how dangerous it was? It’s dangerous. I’m sorry. I don’t care. Witte, you wanna risk your life, your friend will be the one end up paying the price. What your dad has been doing for you would’ve been for nothing. Come with me. You dad is waiting. Witte, don’t come looking for me again. You’ll be in danger around me. I’ve imagined lots of scenarios where we meet again. None of them is like this. I’ve also thought about the possibility that I’d never see you again. Now I’m looking at you, I realize that it’s probably better not seeing you. Is that so? You feel that way? It doesn’t matter to you, does it? Forget it. And don’t get me wrong. I did what I did because I wanted to know why did you leave me back then? Aren’t you the one who taught me being a man means seeing things through no matter the cost? Have you done that? Have you been there for me, for our family? I’m sorry, son. Sorry? What are you sorry for? The news says you took bribes, you committed fraud, I never believed that. They asked me, I said it was impossible. Because I knew what kind of man my father was. So tell me, why did you leave? Tell me! I was trying to protect you and your mother. So you just disappeared, without saying goodbye, right? What if I died somewhere someday? You’d have no way of knowing, right? Dad, do you know what I’ve been through these years? I miss when the three of us were together. How would you expect me to believe anything you said? Witte. How would you expect me to believe that? How would you expect me to believe that? I’m sorry. Because of who I am, I couldn’t be with you, I couldn’t take care of you. But I love you. Don’t cry. It’s late. Can’t you stay a little longer? Dad, I believe you. What you saw on the news, they were not real. I know. Come on. What happens now? Will you come back with me? Let me think about it. Think? What’s there to think about? Going back to the diving team, I have to see your face every day, so boring. Right, I have my problems. How about we start communicating with each other more? Would that be okay? Communicating? That’s it? What else do you want? I don’t want anything. It’s just everyone knows I quit the team. If I let you take me back and it didn’t take any convincing, it would make me look bad, you know? Alright then, tell me, how would you like me to convince you? You’re messing with me! I haven’t decided yet. I’ll let you know when I do. You’ll let me know, huh? Chinese TV Series Exclusive YouTube

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