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www.facebook.com/BabelSub Plop Youth – Dive Subbers Alina, Sophia, Rachel Episode 04 What’s up? Tian Lin, be honest with me, how’s Haoran doing exactly? He’s home, on bed rest. Tian Lin, this is a big deal. It’s understandable Haoran didn’t tell me, why did you keep that from me? Hao… Haoran asked me not to tell you. He’s just having a slight fever. As Dr. Lu said, It’s not pneumonia. He just needs some rest. He should’ve told me. He didn’t want you to worry. Well, I’ll coach you today, then we’ll go see him after the training. I have to see him for myself. No, no, no. Bailong, please don’t. Haoran asked me repeatedly not to let you go over. He’ll be here tomorrow. If you go over there today, I’m afraid he’ll be mad at me. Whether we’ll go see Haoran or not, we can discuss it later. If Haoran didn’t want us to worry, we’ll just go check on him make sure he’s fine. One way or another, we’d better get on with the training. Alright, let’s go train. Come on. Let’s go. Remember, take off with your legs closed together. Adjust your body and mind. You can try some new moves later on the springboard Sure. There’s a slacker. Give me a break, Bailong. Why do you have to pick on me? We had an agreement. You do your training, I do my nap. Don’t try to be cute with me. Everyone else is training, you got the nerves to nap? Stop following me. Look at them, of course I get to take a nap. Why don’t you show me what you got then? Sure. Observe! Pay attention. I’ll go. How about that? You did good, it doesn’t mean you can be this good every time. Stability is the key. You still need to practice again and again every day. Nag, nag, nag. Witte. I’ve taken a dive. What more do you want? You are here lecturing me how to dive better, when you’re afraid to go into the water yourself. You are just the help that coach brought in. You can’t do, what gives you the right to teach? Witte. Was I wrong? Isn’t that what you guys think? Witte, stop it. You’re right. But for what it’s worth, right now I am your coach, I have a responsibility to you. Responsibility? You? How about we let the skills do the talking. Whoever wins gets a say. Knock if off, you two. Even if you’re gonna have a little match, there’s no judge here. I can be the judge. If you lose, you’ll get out of my hair. Or, if you lose, you’ll stop being my coach, we’ll go our separate ways. No, no, no. You’ll move out if you lose, stop being my roommate. Out of sight, out of mind. What if you lose? That’s not gonna happen. If you lose, you’ll always follow my orders unconditionally. Wake up, you mere mortal, you can’t win. Coach, coach, is Bailong really gonna dive? Here they come. You guys ready? We are! Men’s diving 10m platform has six groups of dives choose by random draw three groups for each contestant. Come on. Can’t wait. Alright, start now. Great, great! Lady first. 113B with 1.8 degree of difficulty. Go! Bailong! Go! Bailong! Go! Go! Bravo! It’s a plain dive, but perfectly executed. Evaluation? 7 7 8 7, 7, 8. multiply by the degree of difficulty, 1.8, final score, 39.6 Group five, 5132D 5132D Whenever you’re ready. Go ahead! Obviously, due to the lack of practicing he didn’t have enough control of the twist. Having problems with twists? The next group for Bailong, 401B He still got it. Evaluation? Next group for Witte, 301B. Nest group for Bailong, 6243D. Bailong, chin up! Bro, we’re gonna make a name for ourselves after this, right? Great! Witte has great physical coordinative abilities, opening’s just a bit late. Evaluation? Sure. Feels like three years ago. This is more like the Team Heron Island we knew. Nerd! Bailong, how are you? Come on. I lost. I’ll get out of your hair from now on. Is he alright? Bailong. I’m fine. Really. Actually, if you wanna start diving again, it will take time for you to be ready physically. Well… My bet with Witte was just a lark. I really don’t want to dive again. I see. Coach, can I have a moment alone please? You can talk to me about anything, we can deal with it together. OK. Jiang Bailong? What are you doing here? I… I was just passing by. I heard the music, so… Sorry. It’s alright. Are you okay? I’m fine, fine. Really? Yeah. Sorry. I, eh, I gotta go. I was just messing with him, did that nerd take it seriously? Hello. What’s Bailong’s home address exactly? Didn’t I tell you that before? Go find out yourself. What… what should I say? How would I know? That’s up to you. Bye now. Hi. How can I help you? Sir, I’m from the diving team in Heron Island university, I’m here to see Bailong. Please go home. I was just wondering if he’s home. He’s not. Why didn’t he wake me up? You did so much arranging for training and housing. You’re taking good care of Witte, as his mother, I’m so thankful. Witte has great potential, with his skills and physical condition, through proper training, he’s gonna have a promising future. I’m not too worried about the future. He’s always been a wild kid, you must’ve had your hands full. Not really. Witte is a really good kid. He’s very kind. Oh, right, here are some fruits. No, I can’t. Please accept these. It’s not necessary. You’re too kind. They’ll come in for training later, they can have some fruits. I have more. Take these. No, it’s really not necessary. Morning! Morning. Witte. I’ll leave you to it. Thanks. Mom, what are you doing here? You can’t be in here. Witte, don’t be mad. You don’t come home, I never get to see you. I’m worried. That is not my home. I’m fine living on campus. You won’t stay at home, at least come home for dinner sometimes. Too inconvenient. Look, I made your favorite fried chicken. I got a game to prepare, can’t eat fried food. I’ll make something else next time then. Mom, you.. Just go home. I need to train. Take care of yourself. Don’t trouble yourself. Ma’am, may I try one of these? Here. Thanks. I’m Witte’s teammate, we share a dorm room. Hi. Hi. It’s so good! Come here, guys! Witte’s mom made us fried chicken! Thank you! Save me some. I have more, I have more. All yours. Slow down. Thank you! So delicious! Thank you! You’re welcome. Why did you do that? I just reheated it. You should eat while it’s hot. You don’t need to take it out on food. It’s just something your family did for you. It’s my family, I don’t need your opinion. I’m not saying you do. I just thought you should be nicer to your mom… You should be nicer to your mom! I’m done putting up with you! I’m sorry. I’m sorry too. I lost the bet. I don’t deserve to be your coach. No you didn’t. We never finished our game. Cheers. How’s going? You okay? Sure. They don’t call me little motor for no reason. Yeah, keep bragging. How many sit-ups can you do? When I was in training, couple of hundreds at most. Couple of hundreds? You’re having problems with your twists, mostly because the lack of core strength. So you are the real little motor! How old are you? OK, that’s it for today. Next stop, uncle Liu’s restaurant, I’m buying. Yeah! Get up. Alright, go get changed. Let’s go. Let’s go. Thanks. Here comes the diving team special. Each one take a piece! Aunt. Thanks. Quit stealing mine! Get me one. Wait, I thought we all have one each? So good. Where’s mine? I didn’t see anyone take that piece, so… One more! Give it back! Fatty. Eat more veggies, they’re good for you. Yes, coach. Bring this to them. Ass kissing much? What a little brat! Witte. This is good too. Have more lettuce that’s in front of you. Coach Yu, on the house, from the boss. Aunt, it’s because of you. Get me one. I want this one. Here, listen to me, everyone. The national college championship is our team’s ultimate goal. Do you feel confident? Yeah! Great. Then we need more field experiences in real competition. That’s why I’ve arranged a friendly match for you. With whom? Right. Can’t tell you yet. Coach, who’s gonna play for our team? For both single and synchronized diving? I’d like to hear what tutor Jiang Bailong thinks. Here’s what I think, with Haoran still on leave, I wanna recommend Witte to compete on behalf of team heron island. Me? I think it’s a good suggestion. That’s right. Right! Thanks, thanks. Alright, let’s eat. Enhanced training starts tomorrow. Eat more. Alright, alright. Come on, eat. Sun Yilong, remember to mind your posture in the process. Yes, coach. Stay tightened! I’m doing it. Come here, come here. Two, turn! Alright, let’s do it. Come on, come on. One Two. Twenty three. Twenty four. Stay strong! Twenty five. Twenty six. Come on! Come on, go, go! Go, go, go! Come on! Twenty six! Stop slacking! Nerd! I can do a twist now. How about it? Is this something you find to be proud of? Aunt, this time, our odds are better against team harbor city, right? Our goal was never about winning this time. Chinese TV Series Exclusive YouTube

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